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Ask a Priest – Why Are Homosexual Acts Sinful?

20 Apr 2012

Apr 20, 2012

My friend asked me why homosexual acts are sinful. I gave answers based on both science and religion, but then my friend said, “If two people love each other, how can that be wrong?” Any ideas on what should be said here?

Saying that love can justify anything is a very emotionally based ethical system. Love is a good thing, but it also needs to be rightly ordered. If we use this justification that love means it is OK to justify same-sex marriage then by that logic you would have to concede incest, polygamy and pedophilia could also be permitted, so long as the two, or more, people loved each other.

The then Cardinal Ratzinger, in his homily before the start of the conclave from which he would emerge as Pope, said that “a mature adult faith is deeply rooted in friendship with Christ. It is this friendship that opens us up to all that is good and gives us a criterion by which to distinguish the true from the false, and deceit from truth.”

He went on to say:

“Truth and love coincide in Christ. To the extent that we draw close to Christ, in our own lives too, truth and love are blended. Love without truth would be blind; truth without love would be like “a clanging cymbal” (I Cor 13: 1).”

Therefore, love does not exist in a vacuum and it needs to be accompanied and guided by the truth about ourselves, the truth about human sexuality, and the moral truth about how we should act.

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