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Sep 25, 2017

I plan to marry my filipina girlfriend but she tells me that her sister was married in August 2017 and we will have to wait a year to get married or one of us will die within a year. I do not want to wait. I know this is a supresticion from my research but she is stedfast in her belief. We want to get married in the church in Butuan. I would like the church’s view on this superstition. I will be in Butuan in October and it would be great if we could get married as soon as I complete conversion to Catholicism. I need an opinion from the church. Please reply

C Fleegal

Asked at 09:53 pm on September 25th 2017

Hi Chester, you’re quite right, such a belief is mistaken – God has his plans for each one of us and they’re not dependent on whatever beliefs people may have. At the same time, such beliefs are hard to shake, and there’s a saying that it’s better for people, including yourself and your fiancee, to do something that’s less than perfect (we’re not talking about anything sinful) together, than something perfect in a way that divides you.

Given your fiancee is convinced of this belief, wouldn’t it be a sign of your love for her to cheerfully go along with her fears and wait till next year? Being right isn’t everything! And your letting her win this ‘argument’ is a good sign that both of you will be able to build a lifelong relationship based on mutual respect. As you know, Jesus has said that where two or three are united in his name – that is, ready to love one another to the point of being ready to die for the other – there He is among them. And that continued presence of Jesus among you will be at the heart of the sacrament of matrimony uniting you. Very best, Fr Brendan

Replied at 05:12 am on September 29th 2017