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Alternative to Magic Spells Safe for Catholics?

Aug 04, 2017

Good afternoon, Father Brendan,

I have a question regarding this particular website:

From what I’ve gathered, it’s hosted by a group called More Than Life Ministries, which seems to be a general Christian ministry focused on prayers and prayer requests, with no specific denomination in mind. This half of their website, however, concerning the Logos, is touted as the alternative to a magic spell, and is said to be more effective and far safer. It also says that anybody of any religious background can use it. My question is is it in fact okay for a Catholic such as myself to use such a service? I ask because I would really like to experience some of the luxuries that purportedly come about with the use of the Logos, but I also want to be in good standing with God. And I don’t want to end up in a situation like my Dad’s, where I am so consumed by my work life that I don’t have time for my family or kids. (if I even have one, but that’s another question for another time). I would really like to know your thoughts concerning this website, should you take the time to peruse it. Thank you for your time.



Asked at 07:19 pm on August 04th 2017

Hi Ryan, I checked out that website, and I’d definitely steer clear of it. Whatever its claims to be of Christian inspiration, here’s a sample of what it says about More Than Life Ministries:

  • Have a powerful Master of the ‘Logos’ put his skill and experience to work for you
  • If you are looking for love, wealth, happiness, personal goals, fulfillment, truth, enlightenment… whatever your personal need, you need the power of the ‘Logos’ at work for you.
  • The ‘Logos’ was the creative word spoken at the beginning of time now our Masters of the ‘Logos’ will direct that creative word in your direction.
  • Passed down from generation to generation since the beginning of time the secret of the ‘Logos’ has been entrusted to wise men who have used its authority to speak into being the wants, wishes and desires of those who truly believe and give themselves to its mystical power.
  • Now we have joined with international Master of the ‘Logos’ Chakar Santil to bring the power of the Universal Word to those who are in need…

All this is so vague, with no mention of the Church, nor even of the Chosen People of the Old Testament, just these mysterious Masters of the Logos (rather scarily depicted on the website, in black, wearing what looks like black Ku Klux Klan headgear), led by the mysterious International Master of the Logos, Chakar Santil, and certainly no mention of Jesus Christ. And I find odd its assertion that invoking their logos is nothing like a magic spell, with none of the bad effects gained from contacting (on the basis of the website’s illustration) evil spirits: as if the kind of people they expect to recruit are those who have already been trying out magic of some sort. Which makes me feel that the Logos website has its origins in some mixture of Eastern religions.

Nor is it too bothered about its success stories verging on forms of moral behaviour that would certainly go against either Judaism or Christianity: ‘I was heartbroken when my lover left me for another woman. I cried all night long and was desperate for him to return. A friend told me about the “Bring My Lover Back” logos. Within days he was back and our relationship has been better than ever. Petra T.’

My advice would be to turn to Christian prayer, to pray through, in and with Jesus to the Father, for whatever you wish. But the basic form of all Christian prayer is Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Olives before he died, ‘let not my will, but yours be done.’ Along with all the usual prayers we say, especially the Rosary. I don’t have time to go into the very obvious appeal for cash donations, the huge importance of ‘seeds of faith’ – which for all I know are used, as the website says, for feeding the hungry and helping the homeless. But the connection of success in those prayers with cash donations reminded me of some of the much disgraced televangelism rackets. Very best, Fr Brendan

Replied at 10:36 pm on August 15th 2017