Ask a Priest


Oct 18, 2016

If we are to be faithful to our belief (Catholic) and we vote for Hillary Clinton which she is for abortion and after the election can we go to confession and ask for forgiveness will that put us back on track with the church???? Or more importantly,with God?

Asked at 03:07 am on October 18th 2016

Hi Eulojio, why vote against your conscience, then? St Thomas More is the great example of a person who put principle before survival. I just can’t imagine him saying – as I’m sure some did at that time – I’ll sign that document saying it’s alright for King Henry VIII to divorce his lawfully married wife, even though I know that would be wrong. But I’ll be able to go to confession afterwards and get my soul right with God and the Church. Soon to be declared Blessed, Josef Mayr-Nusser, from the Italian Tyrol, was sentenced to death in 1945 because he wouldn’t put his survival before his conscience. Forced into military service by the Nazis, and deeply impressed by St Thomas More’s letters in the Tower of London before his execution, Blessed Josef refused to go against principle. Before his whole troop of soldiers he told the general administering the oath of unconditional obedience to Hitler that ‘I cannot take an oath to Hitler in the name of God. I cannot do it because my faith and conscience do not allow it.’ Very best, Fr Brendan

Replied at 11:54 pm on November 03rd 2016