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Anointing with Oil

Dec 24, 2016


I recently recieved a small bottle of oil from the hold land. It is pure olive oil. I was told that I could have this oil blessed by my priest, and that the oil can be used as a sacramental (something along the lines of holy water). Is this correct? How do I go about asking my priest to bless this oil if I can?



Asked at 04:51 am on December 24th 2016

Hi Donnie, I’ve never heard of blessed oil for ordinary use. In the Church, priests and bishops use two kinds of oil, of catechumens and of the baptized during baptism, and of blessed oil in conferring the sacraments of confirmation, of the sick, and of orders. However, I imagine if a priest will bless that oil for you, it would be seen as a sacramental, as you say, at the same level as blessed water.

Very best, Fr Brendan

Replied at 05:52 am on January 04th 2017