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Requirements for Catholics during Lent

Feb 08, 2015

Can you please go through the requirements for Catholics during Lent? I heard that it is not necessary to give up meat on Fridays anymore, can you please clarify?
Also, can you clarify the requirements for fasting on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday? Are we obliged to attend a Mass/Service on these days?
Thanks in advance!

Asked at 11:21 pm on February 08th 2015

Dear Leanne:

You might recall that a couple of years ago you asked a similar question and I referred you to this explanation.

Whether or not you need to abstain from meat on all Fridays in Lent depends upon a decision made by the episcopal conference. It seems you are in New Zealand, so I suggest you ask a local priest what the episcopal conference has decided on this issue.

You are not obliged to go to Mass or a liturgical celebration on Ash Wednesday or Good Friday, but it is something that is a good practice and many people do come along on those days to Church.

Replied at 02:05 am on February 09th 2015