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Asexuality and Aromanticism

Feb 16, 2015

I’ve recently been wondering about what the Catholic Church’s view on Asexuals (a person who has little or no sexual attraction to others) and Aromantics (a person who has little or no romantic attraction to others) is.

Also, what would the Church’s view on marriage between those who identify themselves as either? Or where one identified as such and the other did not? Assuming that both parties are aware of the situation and act like any other Catholic couple should.

Asked at 06:58 am on February 16th 2015

Dear Gisella:

The Church has not made any specific declaration on these issues, but from the general teaching of the Church I think there are a number of ideas to keep in mind.

For a start marriage cannot be reduced to sexual attraction and romantic feelings. No doubt that these are a part of marriage, but marriage is a lot more than these two factors. A lifelong bond to live as husband and wife, to raise a family, to share everything, to support each other, are just some of the elements involved in marriage.

Then, there is no obligation to marry, a person can simply decide not to marry if that is what they prefer.

As to two such people who contemplate marriage it is the same as every marriage. There needs to be careful marriage preparation in which all the major issues that might come up are discussed and any differences resolved.

Replied at 12:24 am on February 17th 2015