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What the Bible says about homosexuality

May 29, 2014

I am putting together a lesson plan on the Church’s teachings on same-sex attraction, and I was wondering if you could clarify exactly what the Bible says (if at all) about homosexuality – as I know this will be the first question I am asked!

Asked at 11:02 pm on May 29th 2014

Dear Leanne:

There was a very good two-part interview published by Zenit some years ago that is one of the best sources I have found on this topic. The interview is here and here.

The person interviewed, Robert A.J. Gagnon, has published a 500 page book on this subject if you ever want more detailed information. It is “The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics,” Abingdon Press.

You might also find this article useful in preparing the lesson on same-sex attraction. The Courage Website also has quite a bit of information on the topic.

Replied at 12:15 am on May 30th 2014

Hi Leanne,

Along with Fr. John’s suggestions this website is also really useful when preparing for lessons regarding sexuality.

Replied at 04:36 am on May 30th 2014

Hello Father, Leanne;

I’ve done quite a bit of reading about the lifestyle of active homosexuals and my take home message is this; you can’t get around Natural Law.

The truth from *Catholic* Church teaching, that it is gravely disordered and sinful, is confirmed when one opens one’s eyes to the destructive nature of homosexual behaviour, which is demonstrated at many levels – from STIs to high rates of suicide (despite the enormous political support/ victories the homosexual lobby have won and the numbers of celebrities comfortable enough to “come out”.)

At the biological level, our bodies are clearly designed for heterosexual relations and against homosexual relations. When one goes against “Natural Law”, our bodies again, send a clear message. There are numerous and fairly recent studies (Eg Dr Regnerus) which conclude that the problems don’t just stop with biology but certainly if you peruse the US dept of Health website you will find some alarming statistics which affect promiscuous people but within that category, active homosexuals are extremely over represented. Futher despite the potentially fatal consequences of homosexual behaviour, statistics are showing the lack of self control that is exercised by active homosexuals.

You will also notice the amount of effort the intelligentsia goes to, to hide the truth apparent in various research papers. The militancy of homosexual propaganda has been very successful and you may discover that well intentioned parents are completely oblivious to the fact of being conned and what the actual facts are. One could cite the politics involved in removing homosexual inclinations from the US manual of Psychiatric conditions or even the first John Jay report which clearly linked homosexual behaviour to pederasty (cf paedophilia.) After some years (aprx 2003?) that Report was doctored/ revised to whitewash the original “conclusions”. The dirty tricks mounted against Dr Regnerus are instructive as was the dodgy research hurriedly put together by Melb Uni to counteract the obvious facts. We weren’t told until it was pointed out that the author was a practising homosexual.
Good luck.

Replied at 05:32 am on June 05th 2014