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Becoming a Catholic Priest In one of the Dioceses of Belgium

Jun 22, 2014

I am a born catholic, and right now, I am nursing a desire to become a Catholic priest in another country other than mine (Nigeria). I have already completed both my philosophy and theology studies. How can I therefore join one of the Catholic Dioceses or religious congregations in Australia to start discerning my vocation to the Catholic priesthood? I will be glad if you can give me a detailed information about this. God bless and keep you.

Asked at 08:26 pm on June 22nd 2014

Dear Clement:

I am not sure whether you talking about Belgium or Australia, given the title of your question and then you mention Australia. In any case the best thing to do is to contact the vocations office of the diocese you are interested in and make an appointment to see them. If you go to the Website of the diocese you should be able to get the contact details of the vocations office or you can simply call up the office of the diocese to get this information.

Replied at 01:19 am on June 23rd 2014